Sometimes our clients ask that we don't disclose their identity with their names or faces but they allow us to share their wedding details. A & F were gracious to allow us to share their photos from JP Photography.

We met A & F only once before their wedding. All other planning was done from afar via email and conference calls. And we were happy to handle all the details for not just their wedding day, but for their guests accommodations and also the traditional ceremonies that preceded their wedding day. A & F were culturally rooted in their heritage of Ghana, Africa. It was our first wedding that included the authentic and ritually beautiful African ceremony the night before. The attire and Kente patterns were vibrant in color and beautifully crafted. And the food  was amazing! Traditional African dishes made onsite by an authentic African chef.

On wedding day they were married at Epworth Methodist with a gospel choir that would give you goosebumps! A & F celebrated with their guests with a lovely reception at the Inverness Club.

Their reception included a traditional English wedding cake, or Fruit Cake designed by Wendy Kromer Confections, along with custom cookies decorated in various Kente cloth designs by Sugar Bean. Flowers by Bartz Viviano, Linens from Linen Hero. Chairs from Chiavari Chair Toledo. Wedding Dress by Judd Waddell. Music by Decorative Sound

Thank you to our bride, who wrote us this fabulous review:

I should probably start by saying that I recommend working with CC. It was one of the best decisions I made…and really the reason why we are still getting unsolicited compliments on our Fall 2014 wedding, including some from people who just heard about the event. However, if you feel you need convincing, read on.
I should probably also mention: 
1. I am not the wedding planning type. Really. No lie. They know. 
2. I had a lot of other things I needed to do with my time…including a job! 
3. We planned from a distance...and in only 5 months (they had 4).

Since it looked like we were going to go ahead with this wedding thing, I knew I needed someone to help…a lot. I wanted to have a beautiful event that our guests would enjoy, but I wanted to avoid as much stress as possible. I knew that we needed wedding planners that would be reliable, resourceful, patient, understanding, and well-connected. I didn’t want to have to worry that the people we hired were going to fail to show up, and I wanted to still have my job at the end of all of this.
Brittany and Anna had all of the qualities we needed and they were great to work with, too. They made our event the best it could have been. Still need more convincing? Continue.
1) When the RSVPs resulted in 50% more guests than our estimate, they figured out how to make it work. 
2) They rescued us from a tent company disaster – ‘Nuf said. 
3) They handled the lawn sprinkler incident that occurred just before an outdoor event -- Our guests were dry as a bone. 
4) They handled all of my crazy questions (I’m not exaggerating) with grace and wisdom -- saving me a lot of mental energy. 
5) They embraced our culture and made suggestions about incorporating it that were amazing. 
6) They impressed our guests. 
7) They knew when we needed them -- And we are so grateful that they did. 
8) No job was too small, too large, too low, or too high. They did whatever it took to make our day perfect.


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