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Let the Fun Continue!
Wedding Planning should be fun! That is what I tell all my brides and their families. Apparently I have one bride who is having so much fun she jokingly admits she’d fake “cold feet” just to extend the warm and fuzzies of celebrating their upcoming nuptials.

Even after the last dance there are many ways to keep celebrating. It’s your first year of marriage. It’s a year like no other because you have yet to live it together. So why not make it special, create a few traditions and even better memories?

The reception maybe over, but the spotlight isn’t off. Keep family and close friends up to date on all your current adventures, trials, tribulations and hilarious moments. Start a blog to post pictures from your honeymoon, keep everyone updated on your remodeling projects or fun new activities.

Play hostess-with-the-mostess and utilize the china, cookware and fun serving wear you registered for. Don’t let it collect dust in the breakfront. Use it and love it. Didn’t register for china? If you asked for gift cards for a project or special purchase, invite guests over to enjoy the fruits of your labor or your new living room furniture. Also upload those pictures to the blog. Aunt Sally will love seeing her gift go to use!

And since you are throwing a party, why re-use some of your wedding decorations? Switch them up and give them a new use. Re-hang your paper lanterns from your patio umbrella, use the cake bling to make napkin rings or fill vases with floating candles to illuminate tables or walkways.

Ask your DJ or Band to make a mixed CD of the music from your wedding night. This is perfect for those nights when you stay in a cook together or when you friends come over for a night of fun and cocktails.

I give every single one of my brides and grooms a CD from their wedding,” said Michael Baginski of Decorative Sound DJ Service in Maumee. “From their grand introduction song to their formal dances and cake-cutting song, its all on there. That way they have the exact version of the special song played.” said Baginski.

Start something new by taking up a new sport or activity. Join a softball team, or bowling league. Take a spin class at your gym, or volunteer. Keep your spirituality strong by finding a couple’s prayer group. No matter what your interests, make it your thing together.

April Reinhard and her husband Nathan took up cycling after their wedding, even traveling across country on road bikes together.

“Cycling has definitely impacted our marriage. Doing something physical and challenging together helps to strengthen not only our friendship but also our marriage relationship because we experience the highs: coasting down a big hill, and the lows: biking up a big hill, together,” said Mrs. Reinhard.

Start planning your second honeymoon. Discuss your finances and find ways to save money. By doing this you are opening dialogue to share your financial goals and expectations.

Communication is important, too. Use your left over wedding invitations to write each other little notes on the back. Take the time to express your appreciation and love. Just make sure you save one for the scrapbook.

A successful marriage is built on a good foundation. And as a wedding planner, I believe it should start with a good party! Keep the celebration going as you build your lives together. Here’s to many happy memories to come!

Special thanks to Michael Baginski of Decorative Sound DJ Service and April Reinhard (Crowning Celebrations Bride '07). Into cycling? Check out her website The Road To to learn about her adventurous cycling trip across country with her husband, Nathan.


Crowning Celebration: The Bridal Buzz

I've got a good excuse for not blogging.... I've been busy! What have I been up to? Well check out our work on Grand Lubell's blog!

So fun meeting all the brides, grooms and their families at the Bridal Buzz this weekend.
Thank you Grand Lubell for this fabulous shot!
More to come on this tablescape... stay tuned!!!!


Crowning Inspiration: WTOL News Cip | Toledo - Perrysburg Wedding Planner

If you missed my WTOL Your Morning Saturday Special on Welcome Bags and Baskets, you can catch it here! And for more pictures and a complete list of the items,
you can view them here.

We are looking forward to sharing more tips and trends for Wedding Planning. Have suggestions or ideas, share them here! Or send me an email.

Crowning & Fabulous: Love my job! | Toledo - Perrysburg Wedding Coordinator & Designer

Whew - what a week! I have had some great consults with brides this week, along with networking mtgs with area pros. I love my job!
While I haven't had much time to actually blog this week, I want to share my two favorites from blogs I follow.

The first is from The Wedding Workbook Blog on the TOP SIX REASONS to hire a wedding planner/coordinator/conceirge/designer... we have multiple names and often wear multiple hats. Personally, I prefer "wedding coordinator and designer" because not only am I cooridnating the logistics, but designing a one-of-a-kind day!

1. Couples will save tons of time - Although a couple may know a thing or two about wedding planning, they don’t do this for a living, so they will have to spend lots of time and effort getting up to speed, not to mention all the effort required managing all the details of wedding planning. By hiring a coordinator, they free up all that time and turn everything over to an expert who will get everything done in a fraction of the time that it would have taken them.

2. They will save money – The couple probably doesn’t have firmly established relationships with many wedding vendors, doesn’t have much leverage in negotiating with them and doesn’t know the going rates of what they should pay for wedding venues, catering, DJs, transportation, etc. Coordinators, on the other hand, have all this information at their fingertips and can probably negotiate much better rates than they can, and these savings can offset some or maybe even all the fees they would pay a coordinator.
3. Coordinators will help protect couples from mistakes and fraud – Every bride wants her day to be perfect and error-free. Although there are always a few issues with any event, hiring a professional will help ensure there are a minimum of issues (plus, when there are issues, coordinators know how to resolve them promptly). As a seasoned wedding professional, we have probably seen it all, so we know all the tips and tricks for avoiding mistakes and slipups. In addition, coordinators can help them avoid being defrauded by a shady vendor by helping them navigate the minefield of vendor selection and negotiation.

4. Couples can focus on more important matters - Brides and grooms have enough on their plate with family, friends and social commitments besides trying to manage a handful of vendors and thousands of intricate details. Their wedding should be a day of bliss and enjoyment, not one of work and worry, and hiring a coordinator will let them relax and enjoy every moment.

5. Millions of people hire specialists every day – Couples themselves probably hire specialists to take care of tasks in which they lack expertise (like fixing their car or doing their accounting) or don’t have the time to do themselves (like housecleaning). Planning a wedding is a very big job, especially for someone who doesn’t regularly plan events, with little margin for error, so it only makes sense to turn it over to someone who is an expert.

6. The job will get done right – When you try to take on a big project that is beyond your area of expertise, there’s always that fear that you are making errors and leaving out important steps … and you are probably right. So, by hiring an expert, couples can have the peace of mind that the job will get done the right way and that their wedding is in the hands of someone very capable of making their dream day come true.

Can you agree? I thought so ;)

The Second fabulous post sums up my fabuously busy work week on why I love do to the biz of "I Do"!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Crowning Inspiration: WTOL Your Morning Saturday | Welcome Bags & Baskets

Showcase your local favorites in your welcome bags and baskets with these fabulous Greater Toledo goodies!

Downtown Toledo Basket

This basket is perfect for guests staying at the Crowne Plaza or other downtown hotels. Include signature items from Petit Fours at The Oliver House such as their Cafe L'Orange Coffee and delicious apricot scones. Include a gift card and treat guest to afternoon tea and cookies on their seasonal patio.
And no Toledo welcome basket wouldn't be complete without Tony Packo's Pickles!


There are many goodies in this bag to satisfy any sweet tooth! Perrysburg's famous Marsha's Buckeyes are a tribute to the state of Ohio or maybe your home team. Currently available in this two-package box, which can be customized, Marsha's Buckeyes will be introducing their new packaging in May 2011! Look for more details on this in the coming month.
Another town favorite is DebHouse Fresh Baked Goods. Not only are they great tasting, but the proceeds go to a great cause: The Deborah House, a home where shattered lives of young Romanian girls are being restored through education, counseling, legal services and lift-skills training. Choose from homemade cookies like chocolate chip and oatmeal cherry or their Lemon Bars, Buckeye Bars or Coconut Macaroons. A complete list of all their baked goods can be found online.
Another good tasting treat that goes to a good cause is Comfort Crunch: an artfully arranged, naturally sweetened mix of nuts and dried fruits in flavors such as Original, Pepita Pick-Me-Up, Toffee Talk and Ginger in a Snap. 5% of the net profit goes toward cancer support programs.
Your guests can have their cake and eat it on the go with Babycakes Cupcakes 2Go! These adorable pint sized goodies come a variety of flavors such as Brown Sugar Cinnamon Chip, Brownie Bliss, Dark Chocolate Raspberry and S'Mores Delight. Check out all their flavors online. Babycakes2Go lasts for ten days and guests can eat them whenever they want, even taking this treat home with its convenient jar and twist top. Customize the label with your monogram or personalized sticker for that added touch.
Nothing goes better with all these goodies than a good cup of coffee from Flying Joe at Levis Commons. Treat guests to their signature grounds in their guest room or invite them to check out their coffee house right for their delicious lattes ad fruit smoothies.
I love this recycled bag from Scoots on Louisiana. Its easy to pack home, yet strong enough to hold all these goodies!

If your guests are staying at the Wingate in Sylvania, than be sure to treat them to some Biggby Coffee and bagels from Barry's Bagels. For a truely "sinful" breakfast bread, include the 'Sin-O-Man' Cinnamon and Maple Loaf from Country Grain Bread Company or their HUGE cookies like Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter made with whole wheat flour. Call ahead and they will pre-package slices of the breakfast breads and cookies with personalized labels. Or add your wedding monogram like the one shown above.

The place for good coffee, homemade scones and muffins in Maumee is Georgette's on Conant Street. Not only will you be supporting Fair Trade with their coffee, but Georgette's also provides jobs for individuals with developmental disabilities through their employment program. While you are there, walk through the shop to find a gift shop selling fair trade handicrafts.
The box pictured was provided by Georgettes and makes a great package for your guests. Personalize it by adding a label and some other goodies mentioned below.

Brittany's Top Ten Picks for any Welcome Bag or Basket:
1. Local Flavor: pick your favorites and include them. Even if it's something you make yourself or mom's cookies. It adds the comforts of home to your guests stay in Toledo.
2. Greater Toledo Guide from the Toledo Convention & Visitors Bureau. These are free if you call ahead and place an order for the number of guides you will need. Included are maps, reviews, restaurants and area attractions for cities and suburbs in the greater Toledo area.
3. Water: You can customize your water with labels from Collingwood Water. Or order stickers online. Use your wedding logo or monogram to complete the look.
4. Asprin or Tylenol: Packets of two pills are handy and really appreciated for headaches or long nights of partying. Find these at a dollar store or Warehouse Club like Sam's or Costco.
5. Mints: Whether they are needed to settle their stomach, or cover up their cocktail breath, these are sure to be used.
6. Keep in mind that guest maybe flying back home and you don't want a container or any item that is too heavy or un-packable. Small glass items can be rolled in clothes for safe keeping, and most containers can be folded up or gently smashed down for the trip home.
7. Keep it simple: Something sweet, something salty and a good drink will do the trick. For a sure winner, pop your own popcorn, or even get creative with some chocolate drizzled on top. Package it in small bags and tie them with a colored ribbon.
8. Include an itinerary or timeline of events. Just in case guests for got their invite, they can easily be reminded of the weekend's events. If you are providing transportation, include pick-up and drop off times. An example of this can be found on the Perrysburg Bag.
9. Share not only your favorite treats, but your favorite locations about town. If you have a late Saturday ceremony time, suggest places for guests to go during the day such as The Toledo Museum of Art or the Toledo Zoo.
or 4 guests.