Crowning Inspiration: Long Table Runners

Long tables are one of the hottest trends in wedding design - and a favorite amongst my readers (as I can tell from the incredible page views from my last post on long tables!!!)

One of the greatest things I love about long tables is the ability to carry the eye from one end of the room to the other with centerpieces and also table runners. Check out these great table runners - don't they complete the look?!

Adding a table runner gives another dimension to your tablescape and also brings color and texture in an affordable way. Create groupings of centerpieces along the table and also add some candlelight for that romantic glow.

From a simple fabric, to one with a pattern or even objects (like the typewriter - so cute), moss, ribbons and dollies - your runner can be eye catching and complete the look with ease!


Crowning & Cunning: Appy Couple Wedding App

There are a lot of applications out there for weddings - but this one takes the cake and is an industry hot topic! Appy Couple is a unique mobile wedding app to help you share your wedding with family and friends! And no worries, even if your friends don't have the ability to use an app using a smart phone, they can still access this user friendly idea on a custom website.

Love all these designs to custom match your wedding colors and theme!

This app is available by invitation only - so get on the list now. It will allow you to give guests travel information and guides, send personal messages, pictures and virtual toasts. Share your story and the excitement of your special day whether you have 20 guests or 2000 - there is no extra costs as guests download the password protected app for free!

Crowning Inspiration: Simple Chic Centerpieces

Sometimes its the simple things in life that make us smile. Like that note your fiance or husband left you in the morning, that perfect find at a thrift store, or the first spring blooms on a warm sunny day. That is what I love about these simple centerpiece ideas. They are elegant, colorful, organic and easy to use at any event.

What I also love is various heights and shapes of the vases or containers. Some look recycled or vintage. But each is well-thought and perfectly placed. Simple containers like these make for fun finds: items around the house or in your neighborhood. Shop your cupboards, grandma's antiques or your local garage sales for treasures that are sure to please the eye and make for great conversation amongst your guests.


Crowning Inspiration: Cake Push Pops

We are swooning over this delicious idea and therefore we just have to share!

These little beauties are cake push pops! Oh the many miracles of cake - from cupcakes, cupcakes in a jar, cake pops and now cake push pops, these sweet treats are sure to make your guests smile! You can buy the supplies on Etsy and have your favorite cake baker add their signature cakes and fillings! Yum!!!