Crowning Inspiration: Taking the Time

Its so easy to think only about you and your groom when planning your wedding. After all, this is YOUR union, YOUR day. And you think, list and stay awake at night imagining of all the ideas you want to do, craft and incorporate into your wedding day. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is think of others' excitement for you: their wishes for you, their vision of your perfect wedding day. Its only human nature to get excited and there's nothing wrong with that. But be sure to remember other's, too. And I don't mean giving into their crazy ideas that make your skin crawl. What I mean is considering all the people that are celebrating YOUR day.
These pictures illustrate what I am getting at. This bride and groom took the time from their day to stop and spend some precious moments with the bride's grandmother. They brought along their photographer (hence the fabulous images from JP Photography) and videographer to capture the moment. They could have skipped it and spent the time taking pictures of just the two of them or hit their favorite bar with their bridal party for a celebration toast. But they didn't. They brought their celebration to her grandmother who could not be present at their ceremony that day. But she got all dressed up, her smile was her best accessory. And as you can see this was a moment worth living for!

Take the time to cherish the day. Don't rush to do everything "perfectly". Instead grab the moment. Savor the moment. Share the day. And that will make it even more special.


Sneak Peak: 90th Birthday Celebration!

Yesterday friends and family celebrated the 90th Birthday of Carl Teipel, Jr. at Toledo County Club. Here is a sneak peak of our tablescape and delicious cake
from La Dolce Dough! More to come!!!

photo credit: La Dolce Dough