Crowning Celebration: Ashley & Andy

When I first started working with Ashley and Andy a year and half ago, Ashley said,

"I don't think I'm ... doing an actual tent wedding.  It will definitely be inside but I kind of want to bring the tent feel indoors somehow.  I was thinking with lighting, different chairs, maybe different tables, and flowers ...we can kind of give it the look I want but not outside."

 If you know me and know my designs, you know I love a good tent wedding. Its a "blank canvas" and an opportunity to create a unique setting. So bringing my love for tent weddings indoors was a so fun! Ashley and Andy told me what they loved, we had a few design meetings and when it came to be big reveal on wedding day, their reaction couldn't have been better! They were so surprised! Ashley said to Andy,

"This is the nicest wedding I have ever seen, and its OURS!" 

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