Crowning Celebration: Tracey & John

There's something so magical about small, intimate weddings. Two families come together and a new family emerges enriched with children, parents and friends old and new. That is what I loved about Tracey & John's wedding. It was an intimate, riverside affair on a warm summer night. Friends and family surrounded them as they exchanged vows and afterwards they gathered for a fun and festive evening together!

Tracey and John's setting was quite extensive. The nicely manicured grounds had some lovely areas for a party. But I was particularly attracted to the large trees, which offered shade over one of the patios. Together with Ann Stickland of Bartz Viviano, we designed an Tuscan-style table, dripping with candles and covered with warm, orange flowers. As the sun went down, the setting glowed with candles on the table and the surrounded balusters. The breeze off the river carried the Jazz music from the trio of piano, base and drums as guests dinned on a 4-course meal.

Toasts and stories were shared and the laughter was contagious. Tracey, John and their guests finished the night on a sweet note with some mini, delectable BabyCakes cupcakes. But the night wasn't complete with out some dancing and nothing got them moving like Mr. Reed's piano fingers!

I look forward to sharing more photos with you from Avalon Arts Photography. So stay tuned for another post!

(photo credit: Crowning Celebrations)

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