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Let the Fun Continue!
Wedding Planning should be fun! That is what I tell all my brides and their families. Apparently I have one bride who is having so much fun she jokingly admits she’d fake “cold feet” just to extend the warm and fuzzies of celebrating their upcoming nuptials.

Even after the last dance there are many ways to keep celebrating. It’s your first year of marriage. It’s a year like no other because you have yet to live it together. So why not make it special, create a few traditions and even better memories?

The reception maybe over, but the spotlight isn’t off. Keep family and close friends up to date on all your current adventures, trials, tribulations and hilarious moments. Start a blog to post pictures from your honeymoon, keep everyone updated on your remodeling projects or fun new activities.

Play hostess-with-the-mostess and utilize the china, cookware and fun serving wear you registered for. Don’t let it collect dust in the breakfront. Use it and love it. Didn’t register for china? If you asked for gift cards for a project or special purchase, invite guests over to enjoy the fruits of your labor or your new living room furniture. Also upload those pictures to the blog. Aunt Sally will love seeing her gift go to use!

And since you are throwing a party, why re-use some of your wedding decorations? Switch them up and give them a new use. Re-hang your paper lanterns from your patio umbrella, use the cake bling to make napkin rings or fill vases with floating candles to illuminate tables or walkways.

Ask your DJ or Band to make a mixed CD of the music from your wedding night. This is perfect for those nights when you stay in a cook together or when you friends come over for a night of fun and cocktails.

I give every single one of my brides and grooms a CD from their wedding,” said Michael Baginski of Decorative Sound DJ Service in Maumee. “From their grand introduction song to their formal dances and cake-cutting song, its all on there. That way they have the exact version of the special song played.” said Baginski.

Start something new by taking up a new sport or activity. Join a softball team, or bowling league. Take a spin class at your gym, or volunteer. Keep your spirituality strong by finding a couple’s prayer group. No matter what your interests, make it your thing together.

April Reinhard and her husband Nathan took up cycling after their wedding, even traveling across country on road bikes together.

“Cycling has definitely impacted our marriage. Doing something physical and challenging together helps to strengthen not only our friendship but also our marriage relationship because we experience the highs: coasting down a big hill, and the lows: biking up a big hill, together,” said Mrs. Reinhard.

Start planning your second honeymoon. Discuss your finances and find ways to save money. By doing this you are opening dialogue to share your financial goals and expectations.

Communication is important, too. Use your left over wedding invitations to write each other little notes on the back. Take the time to express your appreciation and love. Just make sure you save one for the scrapbook.

A successful marriage is built on a good foundation. And as a wedding planner, I believe it should start with a good party! Keep the celebration going as you build your lives together. Here’s to many happy memories to come!

Special thanks to Michael Baginski of Decorative Sound DJ Service and April Reinhard (Crowning Celebrations Bride '07). Into cycling? Check out her website The Road To to learn about her adventurous cycling trip across country with her husband, Nathan.

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Brittani Frankowiak said...

Beautifully written and wonderful ideas! Such inspiration and so true on so many levels!