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Whew - what a week! I have had some great consults with brides this week, along with networking mtgs with area pros. I love my job!
While I haven't had much time to actually blog this week, I want to share my two favorites from blogs I follow.

The first is from The Wedding Workbook Blog on the TOP SIX REASONS to hire a wedding planner/coordinator/conceirge/designer... we have multiple names and often wear multiple hats. Personally, I prefer "wedding coordinator and designer" because not only am I cooridnating the logistics, but designing a one-of-a-kind day!

1. Couples will save tons of time - Although a couple may know a thing or two about wedding planning, they don’t do this for a living, so they will have to spend lots of time and effort getting up to speed, not to mention all the effort required managing all the details of wedding planning. By hiring a coordinator, they free up all that time and turn everything over to an expert who will get everything done in a fraction of the time that it would have taken them.

2. They will save money – The couple probably doesn’t have firmly established relationships with many wedding vendors, doesn’t have much leverage in negotiating with them and doesn’t know the going rates of what they should pay for wedding venues, catering, DJs, transportation, etc. Coordinators, on the other hand, have all this information at their fingertips and can probably negotiate much better rates than they can, and these savings can offset some or maybe even all the fees they would pay a coordinator.
3. Coordinators will help protect couples from mistakes and fraud – Every bride wants her day to be perfect and error-free. Although there are always a few issues with any event, hiring a professional will help ensure there are a minimum of issues (plus, when there are issues, coordinators know how to resolve them promptly). As a seasoned wedding professional, we have probably seen it all, so we know all the tips and tricks for avoiding mistakes and slipups. In addition, coordinators can help them avoid being defrauded by a shady vendor by helping them navigate the minefield of vendor selection and negotiation.

4. Couples can focus on more important matters - Brides and grooms have enough on their plate with family, friends and social commitments besides trying to manage a handful of vendors and thousands of intricate details. Their wedding should be a day of bliss and enjoyment, not one of work and worry, and hiring a coordinator will let them relax and enjoy every moment.

5. Millions of people hire specialists every day – Couples themselves probably hire specialists to take care of tasks in which they lack expertise (like fixing their car or doing their accounting) or don’t have the time to do themselves (like housecleaning). Planning a wedding is a very big job, especially for someone who doesn’t regularly plan events, with little margin for error, so it only makes sense to turn it over to someone who is an expert.

6. The job will get done right – When you try to take on a big project that is beyond your area of expertise, there’s always that fear that you are making errors and leaving out important steps … and you are probably right. So, by hiring an expert, couples can have the peace of mind that the job will get done the right way and that their wedding is in the hands of someone very capable of making their dream day come true.

Can you agree? I thought so ;)

The Second fabulous post sums up my fabuously busy work week on why I love do to the biz of "I Do"!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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