Crowning Inspiration: WTOL News Cip | Toledo - Perrysburg Wedding Planner

If you missed my WTOL Your Morning Saturday Special on Welcome Bags and Baskets, you can catch it here! And for more pictures and a complete list of the items,
you can view them here.

We are looking forward to sharing more tips and trends for Wedding Planning. Have suggestions or ideas, share them here! Or send me an email.


Alyson Moses said...

Brittany, you were wonderful! Beautiful, intelligent and you know how to regionalize! Your baskets were gorgeous! What about a segment on new kinds of showers, spa showers, couples showers, etc. or on table spreads, how to pick your flowers, match your colors, set properly, etc. Can't wait to see more! xoxo Aly

Ashley and Brian said...

Britty, this was fabulous!! I am so glad you got the tape, thank you for sharing with us. Makes me want to move to Toledo area for all of the fun goodies. (and to have you design another party for me!) You looked beautiful, and such a pro in front of the camera, Love you! Ash What about themes/colors for weddings and how they can permeate through the entire weekend. You really helped inspire me in this area.

Kati K said...

Was checking out your page after seeing the cute display you did at the bridal show and saw this blog post! I have been brainstorming stuff to put in baskets for my wedding and planned on doing buckeyes a libby glass champaign flute and now I am going to have to add some TP pickles!! Our guests will love it!!
Thanks :)
Kati from Elite Events