Crowning Inspiration: Must-do Pre {& Post} Wedding Shots: Shoes Part I

Who doesn't love shoes?! Whether yours are high, platform, flat, kitten-healed, rubber-bottomed, laced-up, zipped-up or slipped on, a girl has to have her shoes!

From the moment Annie Banks, in the Father of the Bride 1991 remake, appeared in her wedding Sidekicks, brides have not been afraid to express their shoe style.

A trend we have been seeing for a few years is the wedding day "statement" shoe. Brides are expressing their wedding day colors and personality. A growing trend this year is the ultimate sparkly, crystal-embellished shoe {as seen in my last post
and a patterned shoe such as leopard print and polka-dots.

Be sure to capture your shoe-sonality on wedding day. Check out these fun "stems":
Shoot your shoes with rings, your bouquet or dress as the backdrop.

{look carefully at the above, top left image. Those shoes are in the chandelier!}

A few tips to insure the perfect pair:
- As popular as shoes are, its still all about the dress. You shoes should compliment your wedding day style - not overshadow or out-shine your dress. In other words, your shoes should complete the look, no steal the show.
- As fun as trends are, don't let them steer you away from your wedding day style. If you are reserved and graceful, go for a vintage, classic shoe in a softer color. But if you are loud and wild, go for a brighter shoe with accents.
- Comfort is key! You will spend a long day on your feet standing, dancing and walking. If you are questioning the comfort of your wedding shoes ask if they are returnable. Then take them home and walk around on the carpet. If you cannot make it an hour, you will not be able to break them.
- For some extra cushion be sure to check out Dr. Scholl's inserts. They also make great tokens to tuck into bridesmaids and mother-of-the-bride gifts.
- After your shoes are photographed and admired, you can add some extra traction to make sure you don't slip down the aisle. I love Foot Petals. They come in white for lighter-colored soles.
- No one is perfect and most likely your feet are not the same size. Be sure to get the right fit with added cushion to the back heal, arch or toes. More great options found at Foot Petals.
- Nothing can ruin the look more than going from some fabulous shoes to boring flip flops. To keep your groove going on the dance floor bring along some fun "pumps" or "sneakers" or classy ballet flats. I love the ballet flats and bamboo-lined flip flops from The Dessy Group. They have 180+ colors to choose from!

Look for Part II this weekend to include groom's socks and bridesmaids shoes!

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