Crowning & Fabulous: Pomona Chocolates

Every girl loves getting packages. And today's was extra sweet!
To my delight I received a sampling from
chocolatier, Julia Lachowyn
of Pomona Chocolates in Huron, Ohio.

These homemade chocolates a free of fillers, waxes or preservatives and
can be styled and coordinated to match any color scheme and event.

My sampling included flavors such as:
Salted caramel truffle with fluer de sel sea salt
Rasberry Chambord bonbon with heart and vine print
Limoncello white chocoalte truffle
Limoncello white chocolate floral bonbon
Moijito bonbon with green geodesic print
Pomegranate and champagne truffle with raspberry dust
Animal printed passionfruit bonbon
Kona Coffee bonbon with white cubist print
Kona Coffee truffle with cacao nibs

They taste as fabulous as they look! And I have to say the sea salt is
a perfect compliment to the caramel truffle!!!

Chocolates can be ordered in any quantity. Two, four and one piece favor boxes are available.
To order contact Julie at (419) 433.3670 or email


Mommy MD and Daddy DDS said...

I don't know what is better, those amazing chocolates or the photography? Is that your photo work? Well done...love the macro!

Mary said...

well don't these just LOOK & SOUND delicious?! would make a fabulous thank you gift for clients!!! thanks for sharing! oh and badass photography skills :)

Brittany M. Craig said...

Thanks, Ladies! Yes its my work :)
I didn't have good light inside so I went outside. It was fun to shoot-n-sample ;)