Crowning Inspiration: Help with your Bridal Registry from the Martha

Martha Stewart. Who is not inspired by her organized, decorated, fashionably-tidy lifestyle of helping households live up to the ultimate American stigma. Even if she annoys you, you have to admit, she knows her stuff!

I have been savoring her Martha Stewart Wedding magazines for years... in fact my childhood room could have qualified for Hoarders with all the wedding magazines I saved over the years! I woke up one day and found recycling to be just as gratifying! I burned those issues to the brain! (wink, wink)

Spring is around the corner, and hopefully sooner than later if the Groundhog does his job this week. And with Spring comes a wonderful time for Bridal Showers. If you are already registered, thinking about it or dreading it, Martha's Registry list is something to review.

To read more about Martha's tips for your wedding registry, check out the article along with some tips on a modern registry.

P.S. Gotta love the colored cuisinart set! I have this set in PINK!

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