Crowning & Cunning: Ribbon and Vintage Bridal Bouquets

I love textiles. With a degree in art and a concentration in fibers, I am totally obsessed with these creative bouquets. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE real flowers. But I think these creative touches are perfect for a rehearsal practice bouquet or toss bouquet. They will blow the gift ribbons outta the water!

DIY Fabric & Feather Wedding Flowers from Jewel Box Ballerina
Click here to buy the tutorial for only $19.95

Gorgeous Vintage Button Bouquet from Nic's Button Budds

P.S. These bouquets are vintage and victorian - both very trendy for 2011!!!


Nicole said...

I was so excited to be surfing the net aand stumbled across this little blog entry about my bouquets.

Thanks so much for featuring them,

I have to say a thanks to my friend Iris Kade who has been taking alot of my photos for me now and doing a fabulous job.

Brittany M. Craig said...

I found your Button Buds and LOVED them! I was a fibers concentration in college. So I admire your hard work and craftmanship! So pretty!

I can imagine that a bride with her grandmother's old sewing box could approach you to make the bouquet. It would be a beautiful "something old" for her wedding day!
Best wishes,