Crowning Inspiration: Gratitude is always in Style!

You are sure to bring a smile to their face with these 6 simple steps for a flawless thank you note:

1. Always start with “dear” and the names as you would address them in person:
Example: Dear Aunt Sally and Uncle Joe, or Dear Dr. and Mrs. Evenston,
2. Thank you for the (description of gift or name of gift).
Example: Thank you for the setting of our Wedgewood wedding china.
3. The include 1-3 sentences about the item, followed by what you did with it or why you liked it. This makes the note feel more sincere.
Example: It's beautifully displayed in our china cabinet. I am looking forward to using it when we host our first Thanksgiving dinner this year!
4. Thank the giver for coming to the weeding, if they did. Try not to say “Thank you” again or start off saying “Thank you”.
Example: It meant a lot to have you there in celebration of our special day. Thank you for coming.
5. Mention something about the giver such as family members or something happening in their lives.
Example: Best wishes to the kids. or Looking forward to seeing you at the Lake Cottage!
6. Salutations: "Love" is fine for family members and close friends. For others, some choices are "Yours Truly", "Regards", or "Warm Regards". And sign both your names.

A few extra tips:
- Always handwrite your thank you notes.
- Even with a picture card (as shown above) be sure to include another note card or write a message on the back.
- Generally, brides and grooms should write a thank you note within 6 months of their wedding.
- Thank you notes for WEDDING GIFTS should not be written by the couple before the wedding. If sent before the wedding, the note should be only from the bride.
- Thank you notes for SHOWER GIFTS should be written before the wedding and from the bride (unless a couples shower was given, then they can be written by either).
- Keep a list as you go along to make sure all shower and wedding reception guests received a proper thank you.

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