Crowning and Cunning: Baggy Winecoat

Check out this must-have accessory for all your summer parties!

 – the Baggy Winecoat by Menu. Just remove your bag of wine from its box, place it in this soft bag-in-box wine dispenser, close the flexible top, and enjoy an easy way to pour and serve wine in style! If you are thinking that "boxed wines" is pas très chic, think again! See below for some tasty "boxed" wines.

If white wine is your drink of choice, this wine dispenser also doubles as a wine cooler with space to pack some ice and keep your vino chilled, ready to serve and sip. Ideal for outdoor barbecues and alfresco soirees, this soft dispenser is easy to carry, thanks to its built-in handle and smart design by Jakob Wagner. And a rubber bottom helps keep the Winecoat upright and steady, even if you’re not! Here’s a toast to the bag in box Baggy Winecoat wine dispenser – an entertaining essential by Menu.

Along with the screw top comes a more eco-friendly way to contain wine.
(Credit Maggie Hoffman)

But don't take my word for it - check out these great boxed wines under $9!!!
Wow, a deal like that and we can celebrate all summer long!

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