Eventista: Going Green

Say ‘I do’ to being green
Written by Brittany Craig

Brides and grooms are pledging their love to one another and they are making a commitment to the Earth by planning and hosting a “green” wedding. Here are a few simple steps that can make a huge impact on the environment.
The Fifth C
Cut, color, clarity, carat and conflict-free. As you are in search for the perfect ring, be sure to check if the diamonds are lab-created and not conflict-free.
Otherwise known as blood diamonds, these precious stones are mined in war zones, where miners are subject to human rights abuses. Make the ring even more meaningful by recycling gold or other metals.
Or go vintage altogether with Grandma’s heirloom or a unique find.
Support local farmers
Dazzle your guests with earth-friendly papers and invitations. Choose non-chlorinated papers with 30 percent post-consumer waste and print with vegetable based ink.
Greg Shapiro, president of Toledo-based printing and graphics company, H.O.T. Printing & Graphics said, “Being green has just as much to do with the papers as its does the inks.” In fueling the demand to be green and support the U.S. farming economy, Shapiro said, “We have converted to 100 percent soy based inks.” H.O.T. Graphics uses a non-toxic soy bean ink made from soy bean oil, which is commonly found foods such as salad dressing.
Recycled retail
For your “something barrowed” and “something old” wear a vintage gown, or ask to wear your sister’s dress. If their style doesn’t suit you, there are many resources to buy gently used designer gowns online and at local resale shops like Dream Designs Bridal Outlet in Sylvania. But if you do go for “something new,” consider earth conscious fabrics such as hemp silk, peace-silk organza, and satin-face cotton from designers like Wai-Ching and Annatarian Eco-Couture.

Shorten the commute
Keep transportation to a minimum by having your wedding ceremony and reception within walking distance or at the same location. Use local caterers, florists, entertainment and rental companies to cut back on delivery time and expenses.
Homegrown goodness
Choose a menu with organic, locally grown produce, which is most flavorful in season, along with cruelty-free meats and poultry. Accompany your meal with some fantastic regional wines. Try selections from Tabor Hill and St. Julian.
Regional beauties
Look to local flower farms like Buckeye Blooms in Elida, Ohio, for chemical-free flowers. These beautiful blooms can be purchased by your florist for your arrangements, or handpicked by your wedding party and carried as lovely little bouquets. Adorn your tables with potted plants and herbs, which can be doubled as favors for guests to take home and enjoy. Dress your tables in earth-friendly fabrics such as cotton tablecloths and napkins. Use re-usable dinnerware by renting china, glasses and flatware.
Recycle and share
Even after the last dance, keepup the good work by recycling bottles from your bar service, and composting leftover food. Donate uneaten delectables to a local shelter.
One of the easiest ways to be green is to cut the guest list. By inviting fewer guests, your costs will go down, along with your wedding’s “carbon footprint.” Like your marriage, may your commitment to a more beautiful earth grow stronger with each day. Here’s to a beautiful tomorrow!



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