Crowning Fasion - Bridal Fashion Week 2010

It's Bridal Fashion Week! Here's a sneak peak at
PLATINUM for Priscilla of Boston's Spring 2011 line.
Keep your eye out for long white gloves, sweetheart necklines and defined waistlines.

For more Priscilla of Boston go to TheKnot


shortstack.08 said...

Love the gloves...glamor here the brides come! Also, quick wedding question...is it appropriate or popular for bridesmaids' to help open gifts at a bridal brunch/shower? My cousin is having her maids' do this and I was stunned! Seems different...but maybe this is chic? Let me know!

Brittany M. Craig said...

Good question -
The gift is for the bride and her future groom. So it would be proper for just the bride to open the gift so that she can acknowledge it and thank the shower guest.
Traditionally (and superstitiously), for each ribbon or bow the bride breaks, it signifies a child. So if the bridesmaids are opening the gifts and breaking the bows for her, then this could be considered bad luck.
But if the shower is large, opening gifts can take a long time. Therefore I suggest the bridesmaids help her in gathering up the gifts, collecting the cards, tossing the wrapping and writing down the names and items. But leave the gift opening to the bride!