Wedding Faux Pas - "The Bachelor" oops!

Millions watched as millions of dollars in event design, florals, rentals, fabrics, camera equipment, lighting, bridesmaids, groomsmen, Manolo Blahniks and a designer Monique Lhuillier gown was DRENCHED! You know exactly what I am raging about if you tuned into last night's Bachelor Wedding on ABC to see Molly and Jason exchange vows in the pouring down rain. I have to say, my jaw dropped and I am still baffled at the thought that wedding coordinator, Jo Gartin and event designer, Eden Rodriguez let this event go on without a tent!
If I could spin the tape back and give Molly & Jason a do-over, I would do it the right way. As both a wedding coordinator and event designer I understand that things do not always go as planned. Sometimes outdoor weddings bring in rain showers and provisions must be made. I stalk the weatherman the week of an event. And if I do not see favorable conditions, I bring in re-enforcements!
In this case, I would have done a clear-top, ClearSpan tent.
"ClearSpan" says it all: ClearSpan tents don't have any interior support columns to interfere with the camera's sight, which means there are no large tent poles inside the tent to get in the way of stages, tables, and equipment. ClearSpan tents are made of aluminum and are designed to withhold in severe wind conditions, like we saw last night. Additionally, a clear-top on a ClearSpan allows natural light to shine through and creates a feeling of openness so that guest do not feel enclosed and can enjoy their natural surroundings.
Here are some examples:

Some images provided by: Aable Tents, Cleveland, Ohio

But I give props to Molly & Jason. Despite the harsh winds and pouring down rain all morning and during their ceremony, they never stopped smiling! Molly was a graceful bride and did not faulter over wet hair, runny make-up and a drenched ( rumored $45,000) gown. She and Jason celebrated what's truely important: love and happiness. And with that kind of spirit and joy, I am sure their marriage will withhold a lifetime of happiness! Best wishes to them and all 2010 brides!


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Jackie Combs Floral & Event Design said...

I know the wedding is long over but I just came across your post about the fact that Jason & Molly were married in the pouring rain. I was the florist who collaborated with Eden on the floral design and my team and I executed the actual floral design on this event. I assure you that Jo and Eden had nothing to do with the decision to have the wedding outdoors, despite the fact that we ALL knew it would pour. That decision was made by the people who were in charge of putting on the wedding, not the design team or Jo. Just wanted to clarify. Thanks!