Crowning Inspiration: Mirrored Tabletops

I am doing some research and design concepts for one of my events. I really want to bring in mirrored tabletops to intensify the lighting and create a space that is actually much larger than it really is. I'm loving these pics! Check them out:


dm_love said...

love the decoration on top right corner...very elegant!!! i totally want that for my wedding!! but what kind of flowers are those??

Brittany M. Craig said...

Those flowers are Orchids. They are very gorgeous and cascade beautifully.

dm_love said...

since i saw this picture i've been searching for that kind of acrylic mirror, or some event decorator near brownsville,tx who can rent it!! but they dont even know it!!lol. would you come to know anyone who carries that material or rents it in texas?vo

Brittany M. Craig said...

I am not familiar with who carries it in Texas, as I am located in NW Ohio.
An actual mirror is pictured here. I do not recommend shipping this kind of item. It's heavy and breaks easily.
Try an acrylic sheet like this:
It can be cut to the size of your table.
I recommend ordering a sample of the acrylic product first to make sure it fits the feel of your tablescape.
Good luck - and submit pictures of your final design! Can't wait to see it :)

Andrea said...

I have been looking for a mirrored table top to do an event. I love your table shown. Do you use real mirrors? If so aren't they extremely heavy? Do you know how well the acrylic ones hold up....do they scratch easily? I would need maybe 80 or so...I am trying to figure out if I bought them could I then turn around and rent them out???

Thanks for your help.

Megan said...

I am planning a wedding for June 2012 in Ohio and want to have the rectangle mirror tops on our banquet style tables - I read you are located in Ohio... do you know where I can find these to rent?

Anonymous said...

home depot sells acrylic mirrored sheets in 48" x 96"

Courtney Stewart said...

Did anyone try the acrylic mirrored table tops? How did they turn out?