We're back! This summer season was fabulous! So fabulous that it really didn't allow too much time for blogging. But I want you to know we are still here and there is so much to share!

In addition to a wonderful spring and summer season, I am excited to share that I am going to be a "Mother of the Groom".... well, one day. I am expecting our first, a boy, in November. So one day, 20-something plus years later (or even later than that) I will be an "MOG"! Between feedings and naps I plan to share all this year's goodness and then some. 

In the meantime, here is a look at one of our June weddings that was featured in the Toledo City Paper's, City Weddings guide. More from this gorgeous wedding will be blogged. It will probably take a few posts just to get all the details shared. But we cannot say enough wonderful things about this couple. And it was so kind of them to share their great experience with us. Check it out! (and you can read the guide online here.)

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