Crowning Inspiration: UNITY IN GLASS

Looking for a creative alternative to the "Unity Candle"? We are so excited that one of our June couples are going to be creating a piece of art work and new family heirloom with Unity in Glass by artist Lee Ware. Unity in Glass captures the beauty and intimacy of a bride and groom’s unity ceremony for eternity in an elegant, hand-crafted glass sculpture. What could be more perfect for Toledo brides and grooms? Toledo IS the Glass Capitol, after all...

How does it work?
1. Go to the website and fill out the required forms and purchase the special glass chips.
2. Ceremoniously mix your glass chips like you would sand
3. Ship the glass chips back to the artist in the pre-paid box
From there artist Lee Ware creates your piece and ships it back to you.


Lee Ware said...

Many thanks for the lovely write up. You are correct about Toledo and glass! The formulation for the clear crystal that I use was made by Dominick Labino (1910-1987), I believe when he lived in Toledo.

Kind Regards,

Lee Ware

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