Crowning Inspiration: Simple Chic Centerpieces

Sometimes its the simple things in life that make us smile. Like that note your fiance or husband left you in the morning, that perfect find at a thrift store, or the first spring blooms on a warm sunny day. That is what I love about these simple centerpiece ideas. They are elegant, colorful, organic and easy to use at any event.

What I also love is various heights and shapes of the vases or containers. Some look recycled or vintage. But each is well-thought and perfectly placed. Simple containers like these make for fun finds: items around the house or in your neighborhood. Shop your cupboards, grandma's antiques or your local garage sales for treasures that are sure to please the eye and make for great conversation amongst your guests.


Photos by Yvonne said...

Beautiful, unique and simple! ...and did I mention gorgeous? Great work Brittany~

kennady said...

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jackmarie said...

My husband like the simplicity the most, that is why we got married, planning a simple kind of wedding at our own farm house. Mostly we use there at this farm house, these kinds of sober ‘centerpieces ideas’ for floral decorations and you know all the guests were very fascinated towards this decoration.
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Wenni Donna said...

Truly elegant and magnificent centerpieces. Really loved all of them! I am helping my cousin in arranging her wedding. Currently looking for affordable chicago wedding venues and then will pay attention to decorations. However, have saved this idea as liked it a lot!