Crowning & Chic - Bridal Bouqet Trend: Broach and Pin bouquets

Last January we featured broach bouquets (click here to see the post). Its a fun alternative, especially in the winter when flowers are not "in season" for northwest Ohio. And unlike flowers, these beauties will last forever!

My favorite broach bouquet is made of buttons, pins and other vintage jewelry pieces that are family heirlooms. For instance, maybe the buttons from your grandmother's gown, or use one of her favorite pins.... Maybe a pair of earrings your mom wore in the 80's! Go creative and add some color or be classic with vintage silver, gold or ivory tones. I just love this silver bouquet below!
image from weddingchicks.com

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kennady said...

It is a very nice bridal bouquet of current trend. A friend of mine used the wedding app and she used the rose flower bouquet on her ceremony.