Crowning & Cunning: Keep your Bridal Cool this Summer

Summer is here and in Northwest Ohio its goning to be in the 90's this weekend!

Here are some tips to stay cool and fresh:
1. Pack blotting tissues or powder. I prefer the tissues over the powder so that you do not get any on your dress. Blot the tissues after pre-ceremony photos, before post-ceremony photos and then before your reception so that you look make-up fresh.
2. Bring baby wipes. Even if its to wipe away some sweat, or fix runny eye make-up they are great to have on hand and they remove dirt from your wedding gown.
3. Stay hydrated and start NOW. If you hydrate your body properly before the big day, you can enjoy a few cocktails without letting the heat get the best of you. If you wait until wedding day, you will be consuming a lot of liquids which means many trips to the bathroom.
4. In your post-ceremony celebration cooler, also pack in a seperate zip lock some clean wash cloths and ice. The ice will gradually melt and the wash cloths will be cool and damp to place on the back of your neck, on your wrists and forehead. Some Churches do not have AC, so be sure to bring these with you to your ceremony and for all your pictures.
Check out these cute ones I found on Etsy

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