Crowning & Cunning: Summer Pie Wedding Sweetness!!!

It feels like summer is right around the corner!
And what's summer without it's number one dessert: PIE!!!

My Aunt Maureen makes the best pies! Everything is from scratch and filled to the brim. (Just email me if you want info to order). But check-out these cute DIY Mini Pie favors - its perfect for bridal showers, summer events, appreciation gifts, picnics, or weddings!

The easiest way to serve up pie is "PIE IN A JAR" - love it!

The girls at Our Best Bites have it down. Check out their easy-to-make tutorial. You can whip these suckers up a few weeks in advance, then freeze them. Have your caterer or family member toss them in the oven on wedding day for juicy, warm goodness!!! Can you just smell them now?.....

Don't have time for a DIY - like I said, my Aunt is a great pie baker.
Contact me for more details.

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