Crowning Celebrations: Engagement tips

Its the season, and whether you just got engaged or have been for a few months, there is no better time than to start a journal! In fact, its a fabulous winter project or New Year's resolution.

The journal of your engagement, from planning, to celebrating to those few moments of shock or bridezilla-ness, it will be a priceless treasure to pass onto your daughter, or open at your 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Check out these cute journals found at Etsy

Fantasy Bloom - Nubuck Suede Playful Journal
2CheekyMonkeys - Sleeping Beauty Journal (who doesn't love this classic!)
Indigosome - Love Crown (gotta love the crown!!!)
PeregrineArtsBindery - Floating Feathers
BurgandyDistrict - Indigo Bloom Book

I love these handmade books. As an art major I took a class in bookmaking. Its not as easy as it looks. There are many steps and fine details into proper bookmaking.
Whether you choose a handmade book from Etsy or a journal from a bookstore, pick one up that expresses your style, relationship, proposal or wedding colors. Just a few notes every couples days or weeks will be something to treasure down the line.

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