Crowning & Cunning: "Mrs." Wedding Gown Hangers

I received a wonderful phone call today from a bride in Maryland who follows my blog and wanted more information on one of my designs! So sweet - I love hearing from followers!!! And I was happy to point her in the right direction.
It also made me realize with all the busy planning I have been up to, I have not blogged much. So I thought I would share something fun and festive for wedding day: if you haven't seen them yet, they are called "Mrs. Hangers" or Wedding Gown Hangers. The original hanger was created and designed by Lila Frances based in Nashville, TN.

Each order is custom. And there is a 8-10 week waiting list. You can buy her designs on Etsy and also follow her on facebook.
This is a great gift for Spring Bridal Showers!!! Or if you know a mother-to-be, you could do "Baby Smith" or "junior" or the child's name (if that's been revealed).

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