Crowning and Captivating: Running of the Brides, Cleveland, Ohio 2010

Things here in the Crowning Celebrations office are busy, busy! And I realized I have not posted more images from last weekend's Running of the Brides in Cleveland, Ohio!
Check out Kelly and Kathleen as they race alongside other
fabulous brides to find the perfect dress!

 Yes, those are piles of wedding gowns - waist high!!!
 Check out another "running team" in colored tulled tiaras!
Notice the race numbers "91711" - the bride's wedding day. Very cute!
Our Toledo Free Press Bride, Kathellen Reynolds with her team! As she purchased the dress, the cashier got on the PA and announced that "Kathleen found her wedding dress!" and everyone cheered!
Crowning Celebrations bride, Kelly Childress, and her bridesmaids found a beautiful white gown with a black sash and pearl and crystal broach for a steal! Love their shirts! Kelly and her girls then found their way to Saks' shoe department - a girl after my own heart! Congrats Kelly - can't wait for your wedding day!!!!

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Pat Boudrot said...

Hi Brittany --so thrilled that Kelly and Christine found their dream dresses at the ROTB last week. Your photos captured the excitement and the camaraderie. They will both make gorgeous brides. Please convey best wishes from everyone at Filene's Basement.