Will you be my Valentine, forever?
Written by Brittany Craig  

Here’s a riddle: What is an iron ring worn on the left hand that serves as a “slave band” to signify that the woman is the man’s chattel and belonged exclusively to him? (I give you full permission to gag.) Yes, this is what the Roman Republic believed to be the betrothal or engagement ring.

The Egyptians were a little more lighthearted and believed the circle-shaped adornment signified a bond between two people who intended to marry. Wearing the ring on the “ring finger” dates back to the Romans who believed the fourth finger was the opening to the vena amoris or “vein of love” which leads to the heart.

Ladies, we owe it to Max. The Archduke, Maximilian I of Austria proposed marriage to Mary of Burgundy with a diamond ring in 1477 and we’ve been smitten since.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And it happens to be the most popular day to get engaged with nearly 10 percent of Americans dropping to one knee. About 5,000 Americans get married every day — so you can only imagine how significant engagements are on Valentine’s Day. Jeff Jaffe of Harold Jaffe Jewelers can attest to that.

“Love is in bloom. January and February have been very strong,” Jaffe said.

Your love is unique and why shouldn’t your jewelry be? Custom designs are hot this year. Celebrity Kristen Bell received a fancy-colored diamond from fiancĂ© Dax Sheppard. The traditional is so expected. So surprise her with some color.

“We are seeing much more interest in fancy yellow and brown diamonds,” Jaffe said, suggesting rubies, emeralds or sapphires for center stones.

Popping the question can be just as unique. Take her to a special place just the two of you share; somewhere you can always return to reminisce. And you get points for presentation, too. Put the ring in a keepsake or serve it up in a way she’ll never forget. When you’re out to dinner, order oysters with the ring inside the shell. Afterwards take the shell to a jeweler to be made into a keepsake.

For a place she is sure to say yes, take her to Mancy’s.

“I’ve seen dozens of proposals, but never a ‘no’, ” said John Mancy of Mancy’s Bluewater Grille in Maumee. “It’s pretty exciting. You know when she says ‘yes’ because the whole restaurant applauds.”

Fifi Berry of Fifi’s Reprise agrees. Her romantic fireside table is always a popular place for dropping to one knee on Valentine’s Day. Both restaurants host many unique requests from guests who are planning a special evening.

Hopefully Cupid’s arrow will pierce you and your true love’s heart this Valentine’s Day.


Alyson Moses said...

Valentine's Day can be so romantic for proposals and weddings! I was in Colorado that day and witnessed one on the mountainside. Just the couple, a photographer and the officiant. It was beautiful!

Brittany M. Craig said...

How wonderful! I am hearing more and more about grooms who hire photographers to sneak in pictures without the bride knowing it during the proposal. Its a great idea and a wonderful way to share the special moment with friends and family!