Crowning Inspiration

It used to be that anything other than white or ecru for your
Wedding Invitation was nouvelle vague.
Here's a twist on the traditional...

and here's something a bit BOLDER.....


Invitation tips:
· Write out names in full, including middle names. Omit a middle name if necessary, rather than using an initial.
· It's appropriate to use the British spelling for "honour" and "favour", unless you prefer to use the American spelling of these words.
· Spell out all words, including the hour, the date and the year. Spell out all words in the address, including Street, Road and Avenue. The two exceptions to this rule in an address are Saint (St.) and Mount (Mt.)
· Use Roman numerals in names, rather than "the third" or "3rd."
· For ceremonies taking place in a house of worship, use "request the honour of your presence." Ceremonies taking place in a non-religious setting should say, "request the pleasure of your company."

Outer Envelope:
This is the envelope that you address. It should include the guest’s full name and proper title. For example:
Miss (or Ms.) Elizabeth Jones
123 Water Street
Bliss, Ohio 45678
Do not put “and guest” on the outer envelope. Save this for the inside.

Inner Envelope:
This envelope should be written in the same pen and ink as the outer. But only include the names of those invited. For example:
Miss Elizabeth Jones and Guest

Assembling your invitation:
· First, start with your ceremony invitation with a protective tissue on-top if needed.
· On top of that, lay your reception invitation, facing up. Add a protective tissue if needed.
· Then, put your response card envelope, addressed side down, with the response card facing up, tucked under the flap of it’s envelope.
· Any other insertions, such as maps, itineraries or directions should go to the very back, under the ceremony invite. Generally, insertions should go out with Save-the-Dates. But if it’s too late, send them separately so that they don’t take away from the presentation of the Wedding Invitation. Once you’ve received the RSVP from your guests, send additional information to only those who have RSVPed yes. This will save you on postage as well.
· The invitation and its components should go into the “inner envelope”.
· Mail invitations at least six to eight weeks in advance.
· Take invitation to the post office and request they be “hand cancelled” to minimize marks or tears caused by machines.

Need more info? Here are two experts to guide you:
Letter Perfect
Penny Stalin
(419) 535-1745

Brittani Frankowiak
Studio 1700

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