Looking ahead... Trends for 2010

As the New Year approaches I will be discussing various
trends for 2010 weddings on my blog and in the Toledo Free Press.
Some trends I am sure will shock you ... And others will delightfully surprise you!

As a designer, I love to start with color. It sets the mood, helps to define a theme and gives you a sense of direction when all the decisions are presented before you.

Monochromatic schemes and bright colors are some of this years hottest trends.

Dark purple and plum hues are rich and elegant. When it comes to flowers, you can use this color throughout and accent your tables with various vases and containers, giving the monochromatic color scheme some height and variety. Or you can accent it with a bright purple or aqua blue.

and you know how much I LOVE lighting!

Bright orange, hot pink, and turquoise are hot and will be sure to catch your eye in everything from shoes, bridesmaids dresses, sashes, flower bouquets
and table color scapes.

If you are not one to go all out with color - I have a solution for you!
Black is still very popular from the Paris runways, Spring '08 and we will continue to see it for bridesmaid's dresses and bridal gowns (more on that at a later date!). You can accent black with touches of color in shoes, shashes and flowers.

For more tips and 2010 trends...... stay tuned! And be sure to check out my article in the Toledo Free Press mid January 2010!

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