Lighting is the strongest medium available to event designers that enables them to transform a space into an exciting, elegant and dramatic environment. There are many areas to use lighting such as centerpeices, floral arrangements, dance floors, bars, and stages. But my favorite is to color wash a space! The purpose color washing is to ensure that guests can see each other and look great, and the food looks appetizing. The room should never be too dark, yet nothing is worse than going to an event that has their house lighting cranked up 100 percent. I love anyting in the apricot color family: its great on the complexion, flattering in photos, yet the still food looks scrumptious, the crystals and gems beam, and the room has a warm glow that makes guests feel comfortable.

     Many think of lighting as a dispensable extra in the budget. But more clients are looking to lighting to replace other decor elements that are more expensive.

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